Financial Services

This is an attempt to organize my notes by topic. Stress on "attempt," as it's rather a wreck right now, and I expect it always will be.



Bank 2.0
Brett King (Cyan Communications: 2010)
A consideration of the changes that may take place in the banking and financial services sector as a result of technological advances and changes in customer habits and attitudes.
William A. Scott (Unknown publisher and date)
Written in the early twentieth century, this book provides a concise overview of basics of the banking industry before there was much regulatory interference.
Banking (Essays and Research)
Notes on banking with an emphasis on consumer products. This is shallow and random at present, but it's a start.
Banking: An Introduction (Books)
AP Faure (Quoin: 2003)
A quick and rather superficial overview: the basics of banking, money creation, risk, and bank models.
Banking: A Very Short Introduction (Books)
John Goddard and John Wilson (Oxford University Press: 2016)
A short primer on banking and the financial services industry, focusing (a bit much) on the 2007-2009 financial crisis.
Banking and Currency (Books)
Ernest Sykes (Butterworth & Co. 1905)
Written in 1905, this practical overview of banking and currency contains much information that remains relevant to the current practice.
Bye Bye Banks (Books)
James Haycock (Wunderkammer: 2015)
A consideration of the environmental changes that have placed the banking industry in jeopardy of balkanization.
Defense of Usury (Articles)
Jeremy Bentham (Payne and Foss: 1787)
A collection of letters between Bentham and a person (or persons) who are opposed to the practice of collecting interest (beyond a certain point) on borrowed monies, defending the practice.
A Description of the Money Market (Books)
Walter Bagehot (Henry S. King: 1873)
While it was written over a century ago, this book considers aspects of the banking industry that remain entirely valid and poignantly relevant to the present day.
Digital Banking Tips (Books)
Tolga Tavlas (DBT: 2015)
A vanity-published booklet by a consultant that considers an array of topics pertaining to banking in the digital media.
The Digital Revolution in Buying and Borrowing (Books)
David Evans and Richard Schmalensee (MIT Press: 1999)
Explores the revolution in commercial transactions from cash to plastic to electronic methods of payment.
E-Banking Management (Books)
Mahmood Shah and Steve Clarke (IGI Global: 2009)
An examination of the unique characteristics of the Internet as a channel for providing banking services.
Finance, Banking, and Money (Books)
Robert E. Wright (NYU: 2012)
A basic overview of banking and financial services, written after the financial crisis of the early 21st century.
Guide to the ATM and Debit Card Industry (Books)
Fumiko Hayashi, Richard Sullivan, and Stuart E. Weiner (Federal Reserve Bank: 2003, 2006)
Provides an overview electronic payment methods in the banking industry, including the history, present state, and potential future developments.
The Mystery of Banking (Books)
Murray Rothbard (Richardson & Snyder: 1983)
An economist's perspective on the banking industry and its effect on the money supply and domestic economy.
The Theory of Money and Credit
Ludwig Von Mises (Liberty Fund: 1981)
A foundational work on the origins of money, covering its foundations and sources of value through the early twentieth century.



Investment Options (Overview) (Essays and Research)
An overview of options for the consumer seeking to manage their funds.
Investment Strategy (Overview) (Essays and Research)
Exploring the incentives there are to invest at all, and the strategies investors follow in pursuit of their goals.
The Intelligent Investor (Books)
Benjamin Graham (Collins: 1973)
Intended to provide laymen with guidance in investing, the author provides basic principles and theories that provide guidance for evaluating investment choices that have been staid and successful for decades.
Methods for Stock Analysis (Essays and Research)
An overview of the various methods that are used to assess the current value and predict the future value of stocks.
Mutual Funds (Essays and Research)
Aggregated research into mutual funds as a vehicle for investment.
Ratio Analysis (Essays and Research)
A brief overview of ratio analysis, including some of the common ratios as well as the uses and limitations of the practice.
Retirement Accounts (Essays and Research)
A collection of random notes about the various kinds of retirement account.
Speculative Investments (Essays and Research)
A brief overview of stocks, options, commodities, and currency trading.
Stock Options (Essays and Research)
Some notes on stock options - basic description, investment uses, and strategies.



Annuities (Research)
Annuities are life insurance products that are often sold as investments to individuals who are interested in receiving a constant stream of income from a lump sum of money.
Insurance (Essays and Research)
Notes on insurance with an emphasis on consumer products.


Loose Topics

The Cutting Edge in Financial Services (Books)
Bob Veres (National Underwriters: 2003)
An examination of the evolving role of financial advisors and the demand for financial services.
Personal Financial Planning (Research)
Personal financial planning covers a broad array of services for clients with various levels of income and investments.
Retirement (Research)
Notes related to planning for and managing financial resources in retirement.