The Theory of Money and Credit

Author: Ludwig Von Mises
Liberty Fund, 1981

  1. The Function of Money
  2. The Measurement of Value
  3. The Various Kinds of Money
  4. Money and the State
  5. Money as an Economic Good
  6. The Enemies of Money
  7. The Concept of the Value of Money
  8. Determinants of Objective Exchange Value
  9. The Problem of Local Differences
  10. The Exchange Ratio
  11. Measuring the Objective Exchange Value of Money
  12. Social Consequences of Variations in Exchange Value
  13. Monetary Policy
  14. Monetary Policy of Statism
  15. The Business of Banking
  16. The Evolution of Fiduciary Media
  17. Fiduciary Media and the Demand for Money
  18. Redemption of Fiduciary Media
  19. Money, Credit, and Interest
  20. Problems of Credit Policy
  21. Principle of Sound Money
  22. Contemporary Currency Systems
  23. The Return to Sound Money