Study Notes

These are study notes, essays, and research materials on work-related topics such as marketing, Web design, operations, project management, and other dreary but utile topics.

I don't claim to be an authority on any of these topics, just a perpetual student, and the information here isn't meant as an encyclopedia or manifesto, just a way for me to organize my own study notes. If anyone else gets any use of it, that's a happy coincidence.

By Topic

Web and Internet
Design and usability, practical application, theory, and other related topics.
General Business and Management
Includes marketing, product management, personnel management, strategy and tactics, and soft skills.
Financial Services
Notes on banking, investments, insurance, financial planning, and related topics.
Academic Subjects
Notes on economics, psychology, sociology, and other academic topics loosely related to the above.

By Resource Type

Study notes on book-length works.
Study notes on articles, booklets, Web sites, and other sources that can feasible be contained in a single page.
Essays and Research
My own material, whether it's "really" original, or just an attempt to organize information from other sources.


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