Reading Notes: Articles

These are study notes on articles, booklets, and even some book-length works that could be summarized in a single, short page. They are online here for my own own research and reference purposes. There's a disclaimer with more information on the nature of these notes.

Agile: An Executive Guide
Jamie Lynn Cooke (IT Governance: 2011)
A booklet that provides a brief overview of the "agile" approach to software development and project management.
Buyer Behaviour
Frank Atkinson (Ventus: 2010)
This booklet wanders through a few topics pertaining to salesmanship: considering the personality, motivation, and negotiation styles of consumers.
Contemporary Issues in Ethics and Information Technology
Robert A. Schultz (IGI: 2006)
A discussion of "practical ethics" (in the sense of social contract) as applied to the information technology industry.
Corporate Politics for IT Managers
Keith Patching and Robina Chatham (Butterworth-Heinemann: 2000)
An explanation of the positive value of corporate politics for IT managers, who are presumed to be disdainful of the topic.
Customer Experience Conference Notes
Various Speakers (May 2013)
A transcriptions of notes that I took at a conference in May 2013, which covered a range of topics related to customer experience.
Customer Relationship Management
Roger Baran, Christoher Zerres, and Michael Zerres (June 2010)
This article provides a brief overview of the current state of customer relationship management.
Defensive Design for the Web
Matther Linderman and Jason Fried (New Riders Press: 2004)
Introduces the concept of defensive design: planning for contingencies where things do not go as planned.
Defense of Usury
Jeremy Bentham (Payne and Foss: 1787)
A collection of letters between Bentham and a person (or persons) who are opposed to the practice of collecting interest (beyond a certain point) on borrowed monies, defending the practice.
Designer-SME Collaboration
Nathan Eckel (ASTD: 2010)
This booklet coaches instructional designers in establishing and maintaining a positive working relationship with subject matter experts.
A Discourse on Trade
Nicholas Barbon (Milbourn: 1690)
Writted during the early phases of the Industrial Revolution, this pamphlet considers the basic functions of trade.
Emotional Intelligence
Sean McPheat (Ventus: 2010)
This booklet provides an overview of an emerging methodology that maintains human emotion can be analyzed and leveraged to achieve personal and organizational goals.
Roko Belic (Wadi Rum: 2001)
Notes from a documentary film that explores psychological and sociological perspectives of the emotion of happiness.
How to Motivate Creative People
Mark McGuinness (Creative Commons: 2009)
A booklet that considers how principles of motivation must be adapted to problem-solving knowledge workers.
Introduction to Mobile Advertising
Lawrence Harte (Althos: 2008)
Presents information about advertising targeted to mobile devices.
The Laws of Simplicity
John Maeda (MIT Press: 2006)
Ten principles that are geared toward eliminating the unnecessary complexity and clutter in product design.
Learning from Customer Defection
Frederick Reichheld
While companies have a vague sense that customer loyalty is important, few recognize the impact of defection, or have effective methods and metrics to address the phenomenon.
Media and Cultural Theory
Stephen Hill and Bevis Fenner (Ventus: 2010)
A survey of the development of media and cultural theory that examines various philosophies of media
Mobile Learning
Lorrie Lykins (ASTD: 2010)
A brief overview of the potential of mobile devices to serve as a platform for delivering "learning" experiences - including training and follow-on instructional and informational support.
Reflections on the Formation and Distribution of Wealth
Anne R.J. Turgot (E. Spragg: 1774)
Published a few years before Adam Smith's work on the topic, Turgot's pamphlet explores many of the same concepts about the basics of economics.
Resolving Conflict
A "report" that discusses, at a very high level, the nature of conflict and provides strategies and advice for constructive resolution.
Section 508
A close reading of section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which pertains to accessibility of government-owned media resources.
Strategic Management
Neil Ritson (Ventus: 2008)
An overview of topics in strategic management. Due to its brevity, it lacks much detail and seems a bit random, but it's a good overview nonetheless.
Traits of a Jackass Manager
Charles A. Sennewald (Butterworth-Heinemann: 2012)
A booklet taht listsnegative behaviors that, while obviously damaging to staff and the firm, are still widespread.