Standard Disclaimer for Study Notes

These study notes are online for my own reference. If you've stumbled upon them and get any use from them, that's purely coincidental. There are a few things you should be aware of:

These notes are not meant as a complete or accurate summary of the original works. I skip over a lot of content that is of no interest to me, add in my own insights and observations in an attempt to consolidate what I've learned from various sources, and often take exception to the author's point of view.

I've tried to flag my own comments, but admittedly haven't been meticulous in doing so. Even where my intent was to objectively summarize the original work, it's seen through my own filter. It's what I felt was important to capture for my own needs, and attempted to integrate it with my own knowledge and experience.

If you've got a problem with any of that, then just go away.