These are research materials on various topics. It's not my intention to hold myself up as an authority on any to these topics - I'm just some schlub trying to sort things out. There's a disclaimer with more information on the nature of these materials.

Internet and Technology

For now, all I have is heads-down content, which I've placed elsewhere. The material on heads-up matters (strategy, planning, project management, etc.) all seems to be in pretty rough shape, so it may be a while before I'm able to put it online.

Personality Characteristics Evident in Product Ratings
A slapdash study of the personality characteristics of individuals who post ratings and reviews to Web sites, based on the analysis of personality components evident in the content of the reviews they post.

Financial Services & Investments

When I took a job in the financial services industry, I did some research into the products and the competitive environment to educate myself. Given that motive and role, it's probably worthwhile to state that nothing in this material is unique to my employer (I'm not disclosing any trade secrets); it's all common knowledge, gathered from sources of public information.

Notes on banking with an emphasis on consumer products. This is shallow and random at present, but it's a start.
Notes I've taken on investing, primarily from the perspective of the investor.
Personal Financial Planning
Personal financial planning covers a broad array of services for clients with various levels of income and investments.
Notes on insurance with an emphasis on consumer products.
Annuities are life insurance products that are often sold as investments to individuals who are interested in receiving a constant stream of income from a lump sum of money.