Web Development

It's been a while since I've done heads-down Web development work on a daily basis, so I'm gathering references for the things that are slowly fading from my memory. There are various resources her - nothing unique or particularly original I'm sure, just stuff I need every once in a while and am tired of trying to track down each time, so I'm gathering it in once place.

Notes and references on HTML, style sheets, and the document object model.
Notes, references, and code for client-side scripting using JavaScript
Notes, references, and code for server-side scripting using PERL. Eventually, I'll include some snag-and-install scripts, but I've not gotten around to that as yet.
Various notes on server-side tricks for the UNIX/Apache platform.

The documentation and resources here pertain to the technologies themselves, heads-down development and coding. For more on application, strategy, and heads-up matters, see my study notes on "Web and Internet" topics.