These are some resources and bits of code I've gathered here for my own reference. If you're experimenting with Perl, perhaps it will be useful If you're an old hand at it, there's probably nothing of interest.

The documentation probably reads like a manual or a tutorial, but it's not intended as such - they're notes to my future self. That probably seems a bit insane, and it probably is, but it helps today-me to provide enough detail that tomorrow-me can understand what I meant.

If you want to snag any of this for your own use, go ahead. I don't expect to be credited or compensated ... but neither does it come with any sort of guarantee.


Date Operations
A few details about the date command and the localtime function.
Environment Variables
Variables in the %ENV hash that are commonly available to CGI scripts.
Regular Expressions
A quick reference to regular expressions for Web/CGI work.
Form Reference
Brings together information about Web forms, including their HTML attributes, server-side processing, and JavaScript properties, methods, and event handlers.

Code Snippets

Script Template
This is a template I use as a starter whenever I need to knock out a Perl script. It handles reading user data, printing to screen, displaying debug data, and a few other mundane but common tasks.
Access Administration
A few functions that can be leveraged to enable browser-based administration of accounts with access to restricted directories on a Web server.
Parsing Logs
A function that can be used as a component of server log analysis programs (for Web servers that use the combined log format).
Simple Mailer
A simple function for leveraging sendmail to send an e-mail message. Nothing fancy, just the quick-and-dirty basics.

RTG Scripts

I have a handful of scripts I'd like to package in a way that others can install, configure, and use ... just haven't had/made time to do that.