UNIX and Apache

Notes and references on tricks that can be done server-side. As with all things here, this documentation is for personal reference, but you're welcome to snoop about.

HTTP Response Codes
Since it's difficult to find a reliable and comprehensive resource, I've put together my own list (Which, from some perspectives, is just as un-reliable and un-comprehensive).
Server Log Analysis Basics
Information about the kinds of data that are contained within server log files (combined log format).
Automation via crontab
A crontab provides instructions to the server to execute commands at certain times - ideal for routine maintenance and processing tasks.
Stupid htaccess Tricks
An htaccess file on UNIX/Apache servers can be used for a number of useful tricks, like serving custom error documents, blocking users by UP address, changing default directory pages, and other nifty things.
HTTP Password Protection
Notes on setting up password restriction on a Web server, directory, or subdirectory using standard HTTP techniques.