The Mystery of Banking

Author: Murray Rothbard
Richardson & Snyder, 1983

  1. Money: Its Importance and Origins
  2. What Determines Prices: Supply and Demand
  3. Money and Overall Prices
  4. The Supply of Money
  5. The Demand for Money
  6. Loan Banking
  7. Deposit Banking
  8. Free Banking and The Limits on Bank Credit Inflation
  9. Central Banking: Removing the Limits
  10. Central Banking: Determining Total Reserves
  11. Central Banking: The Process of Bank Credit Expansion
  12. The Origins of Central Banking
  13. Central Banking in the United States - The Origins
  14. Central Banking in the U.S. - The 1820's to the Civil War
  15. Central Banking in the U.S. - The National Banking System
  16. Central Banking in the United States: The Federal Reserve System
  17. The Present Banking Situation and What to Do About It