Internet Economics

Author: Lee W. McKnight and Joseph P. Bailey
The MIT Press, 1998

  1. Economic FAQs About the Internet
  2. The Economics of Layered Networks
  3. Internet Pricing in Practice
  4. Flat--The Minimalist Price
  5. Internet Cost Structures and Interconnection Agreements
  6. The Economics of Internet Interconnection Agreements
  7. Sharing Multicast Costs
  8. Internet Cost Allocation and Pricing
  9. Charging and Accounting for Bursty Connections
  10. Responsive Pricing in the Internet
  11. User Control and IP Allocation
  12. Priority Pricing of Integrated Services Networks
  13. Optimal Pricing for Integrated Services Networks
  14. Internet Services: A Market for Bandwidth or Communication?
  15. Internet Payment Services
  16. Licensing and Insurance for Distributed Services
  17. Information Security for Internet Commerce
  18. The Economic Efficiency of Internet Public Goods
  19. Internet Pricing: A Regulatory Imperative