Internet Payment Services

EN: The author writes, "we are beginning to see some commercial transactions on the internet" .... so it's pretty clear that the article is laughably outdated. While it's probably impracticable, some of the theoretical material may be of interest.


Some of the characteristics necessary for a payment service to be successful:

Payment Models

Some of the payment models considered:

EN: None of these models has had much success. There are still a few merchants who accept them, and still a few shoppers who have them. If it weren't for gambling, pornography, and other gray-market transactions where buyers wish to be anonymous or provide a layer of safety between a vendor and their money, they'd probably be completely obsolete.

Summary and Discussion

After some evaluation of several vendors attempts at accommodating digital payment systems, the author identifies a couple that meet the criteria for success. The two are NetCash and NetCheque. Neither has succeeded.