Information Security for Internet Commerce

The author avers that "privacy and security are of growing importance" to businesses and individuals online. He does not substantiate that statement, or any evidence of it.

Private Development

The various products to protect information online have all been developed or productized in the private sector. Some items, such as secure connections (SSL) and strong encryption (PGP) were developed as open-source technologies.

Public Policy

In the United States, public policy has been sporadic and inconstant and largely hostile to security systems.

Algorithms for data encryption have been classified as munitions - a tool of warfare that is illegal to export. Legislation has been attempted to restrict the types of security domestic businesses (and individuals) are permitted even to use to those that the government, itself, can break.

Fortunately, this legislation did not go through, but it did much to sour the relationship between the federal government and the industry, such taht cooperation between the two is considered unlikely.

Defining Roles

The author draws parallels between the roles that could be played by commercial interests and state interests, as well as the common ground where the two might work together.

In the end, this is more in the nature of a political campaign for what he thinks ought to happen, rather than an examination of the topic from an economic perspective.