A Treatise on Political Economy

Author: Jean-Baptiste Say
Lippincott: 1855

Book One

  1. Production
  2. Of Industry
  3. Capital
  4. Natural Agents
  5. Land, Capital, and Labor
  6. Operations Common To All Branches of Industry
  7. Labor of Man, Nature, and Machinery
  8. The Division of Labor and its Advantages and Disadvantages
  9. Methods of Employing Commercial Industry
  10. Production Transforms Capital
  11. Formation and Multiplication of Capital
  12. Unproductive Capital
  13. Products Consumed at the Moment of Production
  14. The Right of Property
  15. Demand for Products
  16. Benefits Resulting From Quick Circulation of Money and Commodities
  17. The Effect of Government Regulation
  18. The Effect of Productive Efforts of Public Authority
  19. Colonies and Their Products
  20. The Effect of Emigration
  21. The Nature and Uses of Money
  22. Signs Or Representatives of Money

Book Two

  1. The Basis of Value and of Supply and Demand
  2. Sources of Revenue
  3. Real and Relative Variation of Price
  4. Nominal Variation of Price and the Peculiar Value of Bullion and of Coin
  5. How Revenue Is Distributed Amongst Society
  6. Variation in Recompense to Productive Agency
  7. The Revenue of Industry
  8. The Revenue of Capital
  9. The Revenue of Land
  10. Revenue Derived by One Nation From Another
  11. How Quantity Affects Population

Book Three

  1. Consumption
  2. The Effect of Consumption in General
  3. Productive Consumption
  4. Unproductive Consumption
  5. Individual Consumption
  6. Public Consumption
  7. Contributors To Public Consumption
  8. Taxation
  9. National Debt