Secrets of Selling Services

Author: Stephan Schiffman
McGraw-Hill: 2013

A word of caution: the author tends to elaborate quite a bit on the self-evident, and presents some questionable information as fact, but the book remains a good enough reference in other respects that I have preserved reading notes.

  1. Selling What You Can't See
  2. What Can You Do For Me, Anyway?
  3. Sell on the End Result
  4. Selling What's Not Needed
  5. The Benefits of Intangibles
  6. Dismissing the Client's Needs
  7. Services in the Age of the Internet
  8. Assuming Needs
  9. Confirming Your Credentials
  10. Client Challenge--"When Will I Start to See a Difference?"
  11. The Basics of Good Communication
  12. I Don't Understand
  13. Styles of Communicating
  14. Talking Past Each Other
  15. The Importance of Good Listening
  16. Do You Understand What I Need?
  17. Selling a Relationship
  18. How Do I Know You'll Be there For Us?
  19. Building Confidence
  20. Why Should I Trust You?
  21. Your Responsibility to Your Client
  22. Selling to Dominant Clients
  23. Building Your Brand
  24. Giving Up Control
  25. Creating Client Confidence
  26. What's This Going to Cost Me?
  27. Negotiating the Agreement
  28. What Guarantees Can You Give Me?
  29. The Importance of Customer Service