The Branded Mind: What Neuroscience Really Tells Us About The Puzzle Of The Brain And The Brand

Author: Erik du Plessis
Kogan Page, 2011

  1. Introduction
  2. This Book Is About The Consumer's Brain
  3. The New Paradigm
  4. The Convergence of Disciplines
  5. Interpretation, Memory, Experience, Learning
  6. Introducing The Rat Brain Robot
  7. Feelings
  8. The 'Feeling' Brain Systems
  9. The Environmental Awareness System
  10. The Homeostatic System
  11. Moods And Arousal
  12. The Evaluation System: Pleasure
  13. Personality
  14. Social Systems And Culture
  15. Gender Differences
  16. Let's Put It All Together
  17. Measuring The Brain
  18. Using Neuroscience Effectively
  19. On Creating Mischief
  20. Buy-ology
  21. The Elusive Subconscious
  22. The Pepsi Challenge
  23. Science - Models And Measurements
  24. Attention
  25. The Brand Soma
  26. Consumer Decision Making As Heuristics
  27. Market Segmentation
  28. Advertising Budget, Brand Life Cycle, Synapses And Brand Soma
  29. What This Was All About
  30. Is The Future What It Was?