3: Test Your Social Skills

(EN: The thrust of this chapter is to direct the r4ader to a Web site to take a kind of personality assessment that will lead to their being identified as one of eight different types of person. I have some level of apprehension of pseudo-psychological "tests" that pigeonhole people into stereotypes, but even more apprehension at a site that requires a user to enter personal information without providing privacy policy that indicates how it will be used. Naturally, I balked, but will preserve reading notes from the remainder of the chapter.)

Social Profiles

The author defines eight basic social personality types:

(EN: This is a somewhat sloppy approach to what might have been a good chapter, as the roles described above are some of the qualities and functions that are useful to establishing and perpetuating a collaborative effort. Had it been a less "interactive" presentation, I expect the author could have been more systematic and detailed in describing each role. Whether the motive was to make it "fun" or merely to come up with a way to cajole readers into signing up for an e-mail list for marketing purposes, it is a definite disappointment.)