Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing

Author: Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg and Lisa T. Davis
(Nelson: 2006)

  1. Dogs, Cats, and Marketing
  2. Experiencing the Brand
  3. Friction and Customer Experience
  4. Why Marketing is Simple but Hard
  5. Marketers out of Control
  6. Customers in Control
  7. How Customers Buy
  8. Maintaining Persuasive Momentum
  9. Marketing and Sales Collide
  10. The Design of Persuasive Systems
  11. A Web of Interactivity
  12. Brands Cross Channels
  13. Insights and Customer Data
  14. Personalization or Personification
  15. Introducing Personas
  16. Uncovering the Knowable
  17. Disclosing the Necessary
  18. Mapping Business Topology
  19. The Topology of a Sale
  20. The Human Operating System
  21. Choosing Personas
  22. Bringing Personas to Life
  23. The Architecture Metaphor
  24. Wireframing as an Interactivity Map
  25. Architecting a Persuasion Scenario
  26. Storyboarding and Prototyping the Scenarios
  27. Accountable Marketing
  28. Persuasion Architecture--A Six-Step Process
  29. Celebrating Your Cats' Meows