Building Customer-Brand Relationships

Author: Don E. Schultz, Beth E. Barnes, Heidi F. Schultz and Marian Azzaro
M. E. Sharpe, Inc. - 2009

  1. Customers and Brands
  2. Marketing Starts with Customers
  3. Developing Customer Insights
  4. How Customers Think
  5. Identifying Customer Needs, Wants, and Desires
  6. Finding Customer-Brand Connections
  7. Using the Database to Separate Good and Bad Customers
  8. Customer-First Planning--From the Outside In
  9. Investing in Customers, Not Marketing Communication
  10. Touching Customers With Communication
  11. Delivering Customer Communication Connections
  12. Customer Consumption of Communication
  13. Outbound or Push Communication Delivery Systems
  14. Interactive Communication Delivery Systems
  15. Linking Customers and Marketers with Value Propositions
  16. Communicating Brand Value to Customers
  17. Next Steps in Building Customer-Brand Relationships