Smart Tribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together

Author: Christine Comaford
Gildan Media: 2013

(EN: These notes come from an audiobook, and as such are more likely to be paraphrased and skewed than those from printed books.)

  1. How Great Companies Get Stuck
  2. The Connection Between Your Brain and Your Culture
  3. Focus: Avoiding Bright Shiny Objects
  4. Clarity - Stealing Underpants Isn't Enough
  5. Accountability - Move the Needle
  6. Influence - Load the Dice
  7. Meta Programs - Make Loaded Dice Even Heavier
  8. Sustainable Results
  9. Starting Your Smart Tribe
  10. The Four Factors of a Sustainable Smart Tribe
  11. Problem - Leadership and Culture Alignment
  12. Problem - Organizational Politics
  13. Problem - Right Person, Wrong Role
  14. Problem - Talent Turnaround
  15. Summary - How to Measure Your Smart Tribe ROI