Selecting Elements to Tune

There are a long list of potential problems with a Web site - and even if there are no obvious or egregious problems, there is always room for improvement - but where to begin? How does one know which problems are the most serious, or which areas of improvement will have the greatest positive impact?

Some questions to ask:

Tuning page structure:

Tuning information architecture:

Tuning presentation:

Tuning emphasis:

Multiple-Page Flows

Beyond considering the individual Web pages, consider the pages that a user will pass through in the course of performing a specific task. Many of the most important conversion actions require the user to proceed through a specific multiple-page flow.

The author uses a plank-bridge analogy: there have to be a number of sturdy planks at reasonable intervals to keep the user from turning back before they get to the other side. You should consider the "sturdiness" of each plank and the user's psychological state as they progress toward to goal

Timeless Testing Themes

The author has a handful of random tips here.