Broadband Applications and the Digital Home

Author: John Turnbull and Simon Garrett
IET, 2003

Considers the ways in which Internet technology has the potential to impact domestic lifestyles.

  1. Broadband Access Technologies
  2. Satellite -- A New Opportunity For Broadband Applications
  3. Introducing Home Networks
  4. Broadband In The Home
  5. Residential Gateways
  6. Home Area Network Technologies
  7. Standards For Broadband Customer Premises Equipment
  8. Domesticating Broad Band -- What Really Matters To Consumers
  9. Is The Future Really Always-On?
  10. Digital Living
  11. Digital Homes: Who Are They For?
  12. Clients, Servers and Broadband
  13. Bandwidth-On-Demand Networks -- A Solution To Peer-To-Peer File Sharing
  14. A 3-D Telepresence Collaborative Working Environment
  15. A Virtual Studio Production Chain
  16. Personal Virtual Humans
  17. Hype And Reality In The Future Home