Broadband access has largely been effected: while there is a constant demand for things to be better and faster, the speed of access available to the residential consumer is exceeds their current needs, and the "next big thing" is not merely doing the same things faster, but doing more with the degree of access we currently have.

In a fundamental sense, there will be more interactive devices and applications that will run them in an interconnected manner, both in the sense of being connected to one another within the residential environment, and for being connected to the outside world.

And while "home automation" was once a subject of science-fiction curiosity, it has become a possibility that is on the brink of emergence: the technology exists, it merely needs to be exploited.

This book endeavors to provide insight into what a digital home could be, given the present capabilities and those that can reasonably be expected to evolve.

EN: the book is a collection of chapters by different authors rather than an integral work.