Virtual Community Practices and Social Interactive Media

Author: Demosthenes Akoumianakis
IGI Global: 2009

(EN: This book is a collection of academic papers written by different authors, so it's likely to suffer from internal inconsistencies and a lack of overall coherence. It also stands to note that the editor and a majority of the authors have associations to European colleges and institutes, so that will influence the perspective.)

  1. New Media, Communities, and Social Practice
  2. Conditions and Key Success Factors for the Management of Communities of Practice
  3. The Search for 'Hidden' Virtual Communities of Practice
  4. The Generative Potential of Appreciative Inquiry
  5. The Role of Participatory Design in Constructing the Virtual Knowledge Commons
  6. The 'Social Experience Factory' and the Fabrics of Collaboration
  7. Building Virtual Communities to Enhance the Digital Interactive Television Viewing Experience
  8. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Social Visualization Within Virtual Communities
  9. Grids in Community Settings
  10. Socializing in Online Gaming Communities
  11. Social Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services
  12. Virtual Community Practice Toolkits Using 3D Imaging Technologies
  13. Using Activity Theory to Assess the Effectiveness of an Online Learning Community
  14. Interaction, Imagination and Community Building at the Math Forum
  15. Designing Practice-Oriented Interactive Vocabularies for Workflow-Based Virtual CoP
  16. Developing User Interfaces for Community-Oriented Workflow Information Systems
  17. Virtual Communities in Health and Social Cares
  18. Research Communities in Context
  19. Virtual Music Performance Communities
  20. Sustainable E-Learning Communities
  21. Cross-Organization Virtual Communities of Practice in E-Tourism