A Synthesis of Psychopolitics

Author: Mohr, Ed
Tabernacle: 1976

(EN: This book is somewhat controversial - not merely because of its topic, but because of its origin. It is presented as a synthesis of various Soviet documents on the practice of brainwashing, but may in fact be a fabrication to provoke outrage and opposition to the communist party and due to its suspicious origin is considered that it may be a hoax or a work of science fiction. I've read it, and preserved notes, as it seems interesting and plausible, in spite of its dubious validity and origin.)

Page Main Title

  1. The History and Definition of Psychopolitics
  2. Man as a Political Organism
  3. Man as an Economic Organism
  4. State Goals for the Individual and the Masses
  5. An Examination of Loyalties
  6. Obedience in General
  7. Stimulus-Response in Man
  8. Degradation, Shock, and Endurance
  9. Mental Health Campaigns
  10. Conduct Under Fire
  11. Psychology and Communism
  12. Violent Remedies
  13. Recruiting Assistants
  14. Demolishing Religious Groups
  15. Proposals to be Avoided
  16. Summary