Opening claim: "call strategic marketing optimization can change your business and dramatically increase your profits. This book will tell you how."

The reason for this is that decision-making as it currently exists is severely flawed. It is based on opinion, and the opinion leaders within an organization are seldom those who have the greatest knowledge. They are often based on title, personality, and political clout.

Even when opinion is sought from those with legitimate expertise, you'll find they very seldom agree and can very often be wrong. Even sound opinions are based on general knowledge and experience that may or may not hold sway in an unknown situation. Much of what happens within organizations is consensus building, the politics struggle over whose opinion should win, and cajoling dissenters into going along with ideas they are not inclined to support.

For generations, this was inevitable: the choice to do something was made because resources were to be committed in situations where only one option can be pursued. Today, particularly in the online channel, it is fairly easy to pursue multiple courses of action, scientifically test with a limited audience, and pursue the option that works best - specifically, not the one that the person with the most influence or clout thinks will work best, but the one that can be observed to actually do so.

In this book, the author will present the concept of testing backed by case studies in which the practice has driven results and put an end to debate and power-struggles.

(EN: After this, there is the suggestion that everyone on the planet ought to buy and read this book, then a one-sentence overview of each chapter.)