The Economy of Machinery and Manufactures

Author: Charles Babbage
Cambridge University Press :1832

  1. The Advantages Arising from Machinery
  2. Increasing Power
  3. Regulating Power
  4. Velocity
  5. Stamina
  6. Saving Time in Natural Operations
  7. Exceeding Human Capabilities
  8. Measurement
  9. Efficient Use of Materials
  10. Standardization of Products
  11. Copying
  12. Observing Factories
  13. Making vs. Manufacturing
  14. Money as a Medium of Exchange
  15. The Influence of Verification on Price
  16. The Influence of Durability on Price
  17. Price as Measured by Money
  18. Of Raw Materials
  19. The Specialization of Labor
  20. The Division of Labor
  21. The Cost of Manufacturing Processes
  22. 22:The Causes and Consequences of Large Factories
  23. The Location of Large Factories
  24. Over-Manufacturing
  25. Inquiries Prior to Manufacturing
  26. A New System of Manufacturing
  27. Contriving Machinery
  28. Proper Application of Machinery
  29. The Duration of Machinery
  30. Collaboration and Obstruction
  31. The Conspiracy of Producers
  32. Machinery Reduces the Demand for Labor
  33. Taxes and Legal Restrictions on Manufacturing
  34. The Exportation of Machinery
  35. The Future Prospects of Manufacturing