The Distribution of Wealth

Author: John Bates Clark
Macmillan: 1908

  1. Issues that Depend on Distribution
  2. Distribution within the Traditional Divisions of Economics
  3. The Place of Distribution within the Natural Divisions of Economics
  4. The Basis of Distribution in Universal Economic Laws
  5. Actual Distribution the Result of Social Organization
  6. Effects of Social Progress
  7. Wages in a Static State the Specific Product of Labor
  8. Distinguishing the Specific Product of Labor
  9. Capital and Capital Goods
  10. Kinds of Capital
  11. The Quantitative Relation between Labor and Capital
  12. Final Productivity Regulates of Wages and Interest
  13. Rent and the Products of Labor and Capital
  14. The Earnings of Industrial Groups
  15. Producers' Income and Consumers' Desire
  16. Customers' Wealth and Value
  17. The Efficiency of Final Increments of Producers' Wealth
  18. The Growth of Capital by Qualitative Increments
  19. Apportioning Labor and Capital Among Industrial Groups
  20. Production and Consumption Synchronized by Rightly Apportioned Capital
  21. The Theory of Economic Causation
  22. The Law of Economic Causation Applied to the Products of Concrete Instruments
  23. The Relation of Rents, Value, and Distribution
  24. Measuring Agents and their Products
  25. Static Standards in a Dynamic Society
  26. Proximate Static Standards