Three Keys to Leadership Communication Today

Then first key goal of a leader is to develop a community within his organization, ensuring that employees understand the organizations goals and see their work's relationship to their accomplishment. This is critical to get employees out of the silos, to work cross-departmentally as necessary, and perceive the company, rather than their business unit, as the community to which they belong.

A second goal is to set the direction of the corporation and ensure that the company is in motion toward it. This is equally important to getting employees to understand their role in context, and to avoid the counterproductive behaviors that result from dedication to a specific role or smaller purpose.

Third, a leader must create an environment in which debate is normal and beneficial - such that employees aren't reluctant to speak up, and feel that their ideas are valued. When employees feel their role is to agree, or that their position is in jeopardy if they are perceived as a naysayer, they stick to old attitudes and old ideas. Such things do not propel a company forward, but keep it mired in the past.