11: Risk Mitigation through Proper Governance

The author suggests that governance is a method of reducing lists, with an intention of placing guidelines that are intended to encourage best practices to be followed and help developers to avoid known pitfalls.

(EN: The author lays it on rather thick in the introduction, and clearly has the expectation that the reader will be resistant to the concept of governance. I have skipped a good bit of propaganda and will continue to do so.)


SOA governance establishes practices and procedures that guide the development of new services and seeks to ensure collaboration and alignment with the business and stakeholders.

This governance takes three forms: policies that require or proscribe specific practices, procedures that identify the tasks that must be attended (including documentation and communication tasks that are often overlooked), and metrics that are used to monitor the success of SOA (both technical and financial).

(EN the author also mentions guidelines and best practices, but those are actually the same as policies and procedures, respectively, except that they have not been formalized)

Then author provides a list of "tips" for successful governance: