5: Is SOA Right for You?

SOA is not a panacea, and there may be situations in which it is not worth adopting. The author lists some of the qualities of a business that will not benefit much, if at all, by implementing SOA:

The author advises against a knee-jerk reaction to SOA, either for or against: you may be dismissing a lot of potential benefits, or you may be leaping into a long-term commitment that you will later regret. Develop business cases, financial analyses, and do your due diligence.


The author repeats": SOA is not an all-or-nothing gambit. There may be parts of a business that could reap immediate benefits from SOA, and since it is a development technique, it can be applied to any IT project.

Generally, custom development will be needed whenever an existing system or vendor solution is not a perfect match for your needs, out of the box. Building out the middleware necessary to adapt the solution to your needs can be done in a service-oriented manner, and this will begin (or grow) the library of services that can be leveraged by future projects.