Creating Customer Value on the Digital Frontier

Author: B. Joseph Pine II and Kim C. Korn
Berrett-Koehler: 2011

  1. Introducing The Multiverse
  2. Reality: Presenting The Richest Of Experiences
  3. Augmented Reality: Enhancing The World Around Us
  4. Alternate Reality: Creating An Alternate View Of The Real World
  5. Warped Reality: Playing With Time
  6. Virtuality: Crafting The Most Imaginative Of Experiences
  7. Augmented Virtuality: Bringing The Material Into The Virtual
  8. Physical Virtuality: Instantiating The Virtual In The Material
  9. Mirrored Virtuality: Absorbing The Real World Into The Virtual
  10. Multiverse Excursion: Reaching Through The Realms
  11. Offering Depiction: Varying The Variables
  12. Third Spaces: Fusing The Real And The Virtual
  13. From Design to Deployment: Act Into The Future