Front Matter

Until the advent of the internet, the computer was merely a calculating and data processing tool, and its value to business was measured in speed, accuracy, and efficiently. As a result, businesses put structures in place to manage computers as a business system, supporting the operations of a company.

The Internet, especially as a medium for communication, departs from this paradigm, making the computer system a method for interfacing with the company's customers. The "old' ways of managing computer information systems, themselves at most a few decades old, are ill-equipped to deal with this function, and reluctant to adopt it. Meanwhile, the marketing and customer service silos of a companies remain steeped in their own channels and centuries-old business paradigms.

As a result, both IT and marketing will have to learn to play a new ball game. This book is written to define a common ground, and to help traditional players from both media understand the nature of the challenge they face in serving customers online.

Ultimately, success ill belong to the companies that create a customer-oriented attitude. The environment has changed, and the world of business has changed. Those who wish to survive must adapt.