Human Needs and the New Computing Technology

Author: Ben Shneiderman
The MIT Press, 2002

EN: This book discusses a number of interesting topics, and the author has a fairly thoughtful perspective (most of the time), but he's a very bad writer ... he tends to go off on tangents, engage in lengthy fairy-tale scenarios, and engages in rhetorical guerilla tactics in a clumsy attempt to dismiss anyone who might disagree with him. Be cautious, especially when it is clear the material is polluted by the author's polemic.

  1. Inspiration for the New Computing
  2. Unusable at Any Speed
  3. The Quest for Universal Usability
  4. New Methods, New Goals
  5. Human Activities and Relationships
  6. The New Education: E- Learning
  7. The New Commerce: E-Business
  8. The New Medicine: E- Healthcare
  9. The New Politics: E-Government
  10. Mega-Creativity
  11. Conclusion