Business Ethics: Mistakes and Successes

Author: Robert F. Hartley
John Wiley & Sons, 2005

This book presents a number of case studies that highlight some of the mistakes and successes of businesses as a method of illustrating ethical concepts.

Part One - Contemporary Violations of the Public Trust

  1. MetLife — Deceptive Sales Tactics
  2. Ford Explorers with Firestone Tires
  3. ADM — Price Fixing, Political Cronyism, and a Whistleblower
  4. Al Dunlap Savages Scott Paper and Sunbeam
  5. United Way — A CEO Batters a Giant Nonprofit
  6. Tobacco — Long Callousness to Public Health
  7. The Savings and Loan Disaster — Management's Repudiation of Responsibility
  8. WorldCom/MCI — Massive Accounting Fraud

Part Two - Classic Ethical Violations

  1. Corvair versus Ralph Nader
  2. Union Carbide — Assault on the Ohio Valley
  3. Union Carbide's Bhopal Catastrophe
  4. Nestle Infant Formula — Pushing An Unsafe Product In Third-World Countries
  5. The Dalkon Shield — Ignoring User Safety
  6. Exxon's Alaskan Oil Spill — Environmental Destruction on a Giant Scale
  7. ITT — Heavy-Handed Interference in a Foreign Government
  8. Lockheed Corporation — Overseas Bribery Gone Rampant
  9. General Dynamics — Fleecing U.S. Taxpayers

Part Three - Questionable Ethical Conduct

  1. Wal-Mart — A Big Bully?
  2. Nike — Is Using Cheap Overseas Labor Ethical?
  3. DaimlerChrysler — Flagrant Misrepresentation of a Merger

Part Four - Paragons of Good Ethical Practices

  1. Johnson & Johnson's Tylenol Scare — The Classic Example of Responsible Crisis Management
  2. Herman Miller — Role Model in Employee and Environmental Relations