Branding Your Business

Author: James Hammond
Kogan Page, 2011

(EN: WARNING! In a number of places within this book, the author grossly misinterprets or misrepresents research information. It's not uncommon for an author to have a bad reference or two, where third-party facts were tossed in casually to support an opinion without due diligence to the actual sources, but midway through the book - chapter nine, specifically - it occurred to me that there were many misrepresentations, some of which were so egregious in nature, that I felt it necessary to add this warning as a reminder.)

  1. What is a Brand?
  2. Branding the Heart as Well as the Head
  3. How Perception Creates Emotion
  4. Perception and Long-term Memory
  5. Foreground and Background
  6. Looking Like Your Brand
  7. Body Brand
  8. Talking the Walk
  9. Putting Your Brand on the Right Track
  10. The Sweet Smell of Brand Success
  11. Branding the Taste Buds
  12. Brand Touch and Feel
  13. Building Your Brand Halo
  14. Your Brand Halo Handbook
  15. Your Brand Halo Storybook
  16. Creating Your Brand Halo Storybook
  17. Branding and Social Media