The Internet and American Business

Author: William Aspray and Paul E. Ceruzzi
The MIT Press, 2008

A collection of articles intended to provide a broader perspective into the true nature of the Internet and its impact on American business.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Internet Before Commercialization
  3. Innovation and the Evolution of Market Structure for Internet Access in the United States
  4. Web and E-mail Technologies as Product and Infrastructure
  5. Search Engines and Portals
  6. Historical Perspectives on the Computer Utility and Software for Lease on a Network
  7. Brick-and-Mortar Retailers and the Internet
  8. Dot-Com Venture Creation
  9. Internet Challenges for Media Businesses
  10. Internet Challenges for Non-media Industries
  11. Reluctant and Selective Users of the Internet
  12. Patterns and Effects of the Internet on Companies
  13. Communities and Specialized Information
  14. File Sharing and the Music Industry
  15. Pornography and the Internet
  16. Community Building by Internet
  17. Conclusions