A Treatise on Wages

Author: Francis Walker
Macmillan: 1888

  1. Wages and the Distribution of Wealth
  2. Nominal and Real Wages
  3. Nominal and Real Cost of Labor
  4. The Degradation of Labor
  5. The Law of Diminishing Returns
  6. Malthusianism in Wages
  7. Necessary Wages
  8. Wages are Set According to Production
  9. The Fallacy of the "Wage Fund"
  10. The Problem of Distribution
  11. The Mobility of Labor
  12. The Wages Class
  13. The Capitalist Class
  14. The Employing Class and the Entrepreneur Function
  15. Cooperation: Getting Rid of the Employing Class
  16. True Wages
  17. Disadvantages of the Wages Class
  18. Advantages to the Wages Class
  19. Strikes and Trade Unions
  20. Concluding Remarks