Brand Psychology: Consumer Perceptions, Corporate Reputations

Author: Jonathan Gabay
Kogan Page: 2015

This book is a succotash of random topics, very roughly arranged. Chapters do not stay on topic. But it's interesting material.

  1. Perception and Belief
  2. Lies, Excuses, and Justifications
  3. Brand Relevance and Appreciation
  4. Big Data and Reputation
  5. Communicating Brand Values
  6. Cost
  7. Brand Value
  8. Trust
  9. Social Influences
  10. Self-Interest and the Interesting Self
  11. Brand Me
  12. Maslow Misunderstood
  13. Brand Ideology
  14. Operating in a Panic
  15. Can We Still Be Friends?
  16. Leadership and Narcissism
  17. Brand Leadership And Psychosis
  18. Risk Tolerance and Fear of Failure
  19. The Authentic Brand
  20. Telling Brand Stories
  21. Rhetoric, Rules, and Reasoning
  22. The Importance of Why