Essay on the Nature of Trade in General

Author: Richard Cantillon
Cass and Co.: 1730

Part I - Production, Distribution, and Consumption

  1. Wealth and Land
  2. Human Societies
  3. Villages
  4. Market Towns
  5. Cities
  6. Capital Cities
  7. Unequal Compensation of Labor
  8. Labor is Apportioned by Demand
  9. Cost of Production Determines Minimum Price
  10. The Relation between the Value of Land and Labor
  11. All Individuals are enriched at the Expense of the Proprietors of Land
  12. Risk of Production, Circulation, and Exchange
  13. Production is Directed by Landowners
  14. Productivity and Population
  15. Labor and Wealth
  16. Metals and Money

Part II - Money and Interest

  1. Barter
  2. Market Prices
  3. The Circulation of Money
  4. The Circulation of Money in Exchange
  5. Inequality of Circulation
  6. Movement of Money among States
  7. Money Supply and Prices
  8. The Supply of Money in a State
  9. Causes of the Interest of Money
  10. Increase and Decrease of the Interest

Part III - International Trade and Business Cycles

  1. Foreign Trade
  2. The Nature of Exchanges
  3. Speculation, Trade Imbalances, and Black Markets
  4. Fluctuation in the Value of Money
  5. The Denomination of Coin
  6. Banks and their Credit
  7. Further of the Utility of a Bank
  8. Refinements by Banks