Appendix: Interviews from the Book

(EN: The authors concluded each chapter with one or more lengthy interviews - which provided a first-person perspective on some of the topics covered, but which was also largely redundant and oblique to the authors' own discussion. As such, I've removed them from each chapter, relegated them to this appendix, and preserved only bullet points.)

Sachio Semmoto (Chapter 1)

The authors interview Dr. Sachio Semmoto, a college professor who founded eAccess, Japan's first DSL internet access provider, and alter eMobile, a 3G mobile data network.

Takeshi Natsuno (Chapter 2)

Notes from an interview with Takeshi Natsuno, another college professor who was formerly an executive at NTT DoCoMo in charge of business strategy for multimedia services.

Tom Moss (Chapter 2)

Notes from an interview with Tom Moss, the head of the Asia Pacific New Business Development for Google, specifically the partnerships and operations for the Android platform.

Jun Yamada (Chapter 3)

The authors interviewed Jun Yamada, chairman and president of Qualcomm in Japan and directed the development of mobile for the company.

Hiroshi Yoshino (Chapter 3)

The authors interview Hiroshi Yoshino, an executive in the Sony Corporation who has worked in various divisions in Japan and the United States.

Chiaki Fujino (Chapter 4)

Chaki Fujino was president of NANO Media, a company that has two basic lines of business on the mobile platform: developing fan-club sites for entertainers and providing television program listings. There are various other services, such as ringtones, downloading music, mobile "radio," etc.

(EN: This interview seemed rather shorter than the others, and ended abruptly ... so I suspect this might be incomplete.)

Keisuke Onishi (Chapter 5)

Dr Keisuke Onishi is an academic specializing in path-finding technology, specifically involving road navigation systems, worked with the company that developed the first "multimodal" navigation system for mobile devices, and founded a company that is a leading provider of location-based services in the Japanese market.

Kenji Kasahara (Chapter 5)

Kenji Kasahara is the founder and CEO of Japan's first social networking service, Mixi. This service began on the Internet, but now 70% of Mixi users access the site from their mobile devices.

Tomoko Namba (Chapter 6)

Tomoku Namba is the founder of Mobage-Town, the leading destination site for mobile gaming in the Japanese market, and has been involved with a number of regulatory initiatives in the mobile space.

Brent Mori (Chapter 6)

Brent Mori is the Japan country manager for Opera Software, which produces multiplatform Web browsers. While Opera has had little success as a desktop browser in the world market, it has a solid presence and has partnered with some of the leading companies in providing cutting-edge technology to the mobile market in Japan.

Keisuke Toji (Chapter 6)

Keisuke Toji is an advertising agency executive who grounded the Interactive Program Guide, an information service for television viewers that is one of the most heavily used mobile services in Japan.

Tetsuzo "Ted" Matsumoto (Chapter 7)

Tetsuzo Matsumoto is presently a vice president with Softbank, and previously worked in Qualcomm Japan in developing strategy for mobile markets, with particular focus on developing economies, and has served on the boards of 15 Japanese media firms.