A Farewell to Alms

Author: Gregory Clark
Princeton University Press: 2007

  1. The Sixteen-Page Economic History of the World
  2. The Logic of the Malthusian Economy
  3. Living Standards
  4. Fertility
  5. Life Expectancy
  6. Malthus and Darwin: Survival of the Richest
  7. Technological Advance
  8. Institutions and Growth
  9. The Emergence of Modern Man
  10. Modern Growth: The Wealth of Nations
  11. The Puzzle of the Industrial Revolution
  12. The Industrial Revolution in England
  13. Why England?
  14. Social Consequences
  15. World Growth since 1800
  16. The Proximate Sources of Divergence
  17. Why Isn't the Whole World Developed?
  18. Conclusion: Strange New World