The Web Development Team

The author speaks of a "functional area" approach where work is done in various departments, each passing it along to the next, doing steps in order. He suggests this "assembly-line" approach that has its place, but it is not particularly useful for software development.

Instead, he advocates a team approach, which brings together individuals from various specialized departments into a team that is dedicated to the project, start to finish.

He sells the benefits of this approach - fundamentally, that it's much more nimble and flexible, facilitates cooperation and concurrency, and engenders a commitment to the project rather than interdepartmental competition.

For Web development tasks, the author suggests several critical roles:

He indicates that these are roles rather than people. A single person may fill multiple roles (data analyst/programmer, designer/artist, etc.), and it is not uncommon to have, or develop, overlapping skills, such that an individual may fill different roles in different times for different projects.