Creative Strategy: Reconnecting Business and Innovation

Author: Chris Bilton and Stephen Cummings
Wiley: 2010

  1. False Separations and Creative Connections
  2. What is Creativity?
  3. Uncreative Strategy
  4. A More Creative View of Strategy
  5. Creating and Discovering a Creative Strategy Process
  6. The Bisociations of Strategic Innovation
  7. The Six Outcomes of Strategic Innovation
  8. Sparking Strategic Innovation
  9. Strategic Entrepreneurship
  10. Journeys of Entrepreneurship
  11. Leading from the Middle
  12. The Strategic Leadership Keypad
  13. Leadership as Envisioning and Interacting
  14. From Principles of Excellent Organizations to Organizational 'Virtues'
  15. Seven Virtues of Strategic Organization
  16. Strategic Organization